– Virtue:

Eclo 25,1s : My spirit delights in three things that have God’s approval […]: unity among brothers.

Mark 9:50 : Have salt in you and live in peace with one another.

Acts 4:32 : The multitude of the faithful were of one heart and one soul.

Rom 12:16 : Live in good harmony with one another.

1Cor 1,10 : Live in good harmony, in the same spirit and in the same mind.

1Pd 3,8s : Finally, all have one heart and one soul, sentiments of brotherly love.

– Fruits of concord:

Ps 132 : Oh, how good it is, how pleasant it is for united brothers to live together.

Acts 4:32-35 : No one claimed that the things he had were his, but everything between them was common.

– Means:

Pr 15,1.18 : A mild answer appeases fury, a harsh word excites cholera.

Eph 4:1-6 : With greatness of soul, bearing with one another in charity.

Col 3,11-15 : Bear with one another and forgive each other whenever you have a complaint against another.