– His parents were Abraham and Sarah:

Gen 17:17-19 : Abraham prostrated himself […] saying to himself: “Could a man a hundred years old have a child?”.

Gen 21,1-7 : The Lord visited Sarah, as he had said, and fulfilled in her favor what he had promised.

– Offered to God:

Gen 22,1-19 : God said: “Take your son, your only son whom you love so much, Isaac”.

– Married to Rebecca:

Gen 24,1-67 : Old Abraham was advanced in age, and the Lord had blessed him in all things.

– Father of the twins, Esau and Jacob:

Gen 25:19-26 : Abraham spawned Isaac. Isaac was forty years old when he married Rebekah.

– Lived in Gerara:

Gen 26,1-6 : Isaac went to Abimelech, king of the Philistines in Gerara.

– Made alliance with Abimelech:

Gen 26,7-33 : When the inhabitants of the region questioned him about his wife, he told them that she was his sister.

– He blessed Jacob:

Gen 27,1-40 : Isaac grew old and his eyes grew dim […]. He named Esau, his firstborn son.

Gen 28,1-5 : Isaac called Jacob and blessed him, giving him this order: You shall not marry a daughter of Canaan.

– He died and was buried:

Gen 35:29 : Death gathered him to his own, old and full of days. Esau and Jacob, his sons, buried him.

– His name is mentioned in the NT and mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus:

Mt 1,2 : Abraham begat Isaac. Isaac spawned Jacob. Jacob spawned Judah and his brothers.

Lk 3:34 : Son of Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham, son of Taré, son of Nahor.

Acts 7 :8 : Abraham had a son, Isaac, and after eight days he circumcised him; and Isaac to Jacob; and Jacob, the twelve patriarchs.

– Paul names him when he speaks of God’s design regarding Israel:

Rom 4:18-19 : Hoping against all hope, Abraham had faith and became the father of many nations.

Rom 9,7-8 : As not all the descendants of Abraham are children of Abraham; but: It is in Isaac that thou shalt have an offspring.

Gal 4:29 : As at that time the son of nature persecuted the son of promise, so it is today.