Mansion of the dead

– Place where the dead go. As the Jews did not believe in the resurrection, they confusedly called it sheol or similar names:

Gen 37:35 : “It is weeping”, he said, “that I will go down to my son in the abode of the dead”.

Numbers 16:30 : If the Lord does a new miracle […] so that they go down alive to the abode of the dead.

1Sm 2,6 : The Lord gives death and life, brings down to the dwelling of the dead and from there returns.

Job 3:1 : Finally, Job opened his mouth and cursed the day of his birth.

Ezekiel 32:18-19 : He sings a funeral song over the people of Egypt: “Bring them down […] to hell”.

Dan 3,88 : Because he has delivered us from remaining in darkness, he has saved us from the hand of death; he brought us out of the fiery furnace.

Luke 16:23 : And, being in the torments of hell, he lifted up his eyes, and saw Abraham far off, and Lazarus in his bosom.

Rev 6,8 : And I saw a greenish horse appear. Its rider was named Death; and the land of the dead followed him.

Rev 20:13 : The sea gave back the dead that were in it. Likewise, death and the subterranean abode.

– It is not synonymous with hell; there stood together good and bad:

1 Samuel 28:19 : Tomorrow you and your children will be with me, and the Lord will give the camp of Israel over to the Philistines.

Job 30:23 : I know that you will bring me to death, to the place where all the living are.

Ps 6,6 : For in the womb of death there is no one who remembers you; who will glorify you in the abode of the dead?

Ps 87,6.12-13 : My bed is among the corpses, like the dead who lie in the tomb.

Ps 88,40-49 : You have broken the covenant made with your servant, you have cast his crown to the ground.

Ps 113 :25 : It is not the dead who praise the Lord, nor any of those who go down to hell.

Is 38,18 : Restore me to health, revive me.