551. What is “blessing”?

The prayer of blessing is man’s response to God’s gifts: we bless the Almighty who first blesses us and fills us with his gifts.

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Paragraph 2626

2626. Blessing expresses the basic movement of Christian prayer: it is an encounter between God and man. In blessing, God's gift and man's acceptance of it are united in dialogue with each other. the prayer of blessing is man's response to God's gifts: because God blesses, the human heart can in return bless the One who is the source of every blessing.

Paragraph 2627

2627. TWO fundamental forms express this movement: our prayer ascends in the Holy Spirit through Christ to the Father - we bless him for having blessed us;97it implores the grace of the Holy Spirit that descends through Christ from the Father - he blesses us.98

Paragraph 2645

2645. Because God blesses the human heart, it can in return bless him who is the source of every blessing.

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